Mark T. Panuccio

Mark T. Panuccio

Friday, July 13, 2007


The first night audience responded positively to the premiere of Nixon in China. Music Hall buzzed with excitement and energy throughout the evening. The first published review echoed the concensus of opinion from the audience.....beautiful music, world class singing and virtuoso conducting.
From the Cincinnati Enquirer, "...Mark Panuccio depicted the aged, infirm Mao as a leader who was still very much in control, even once spitting at Nixon. Panuccio’s clear, ringing tenor navigated the role’s wide leaps and high range effortlessly." Read the entire review at

The evening (morning) celebrations ended with the induction of new Fanucci from Orlando who are taking the word to Florida, Philadelphia and the Jersey coast.

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nuts4opera said...

The performance of Nixon in China is one of a kind. It has momnents which one will likely never forget. The music is wonderful especially if you are inclined to the minimalist movement.

Mark's performance was fantastic. He made a very realistic Mao though he had to wear a "fat suit." Hooray for him! His singing, as always was worth the trip to Music Hall. His future looks bright. Maybe next year at the Lyric or the Met?